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Our backend software creates payroll summery for total earnings and dedutions. It automatically files your payroll and taxes for employees ensuring companies remain in compliance with ZRA.

Zambia Revenue Authority

Zambia revenue authorityis a tax statutory institution. Our tax calculator helps in executing ZRA's responsibilities which include assessment of income tax, calculations Paye in Zambia. Within minutes find out how much is your Paye as you earn tax, income tax and Napsa contribution.

Paye calculator

Quickly calculate Income tax in Zambia with our web app, including Napsa and Paye in seconds. Compute NAPSA, ZRA tax and Paye from your device based on the 2024 ZRA tax bands.

Salary calculator

This web app is also 100% an accurate salary calculator for computing your total gross pay, net pay, paye in Zambia, including your health insurance contribution collected by National health insurance management authority NHIMA.

Calculate paye and Napsa within minutes

4 Steps to calculate Paye in Zambia

Step 1: Enter basic amount

Step 2: Enter allowances (I.e. Commissions + Bonuses + Overtime + Other Emoluments)

Step 3: Enter Employer Deductions (I.e. Loan + credit)

Step 4: Click calculate to find Paye, Napsa and Income tax

7 Steps to calculate income tax in Zambia

"Here's how to calculate PAYE"

Step 1: Find Gross income = basic salary + Allowances (Total)

Step 2: Find Allowances = Commissions + Bonuses + Overtime + Other Emoluments

Step 3: Add Employer Deductions = Payday Loan + credit (If Any)

Step 4: Find NAPSA = 5% Employees of Gross Earnings

Step 5: Find Taxable Income = Gross Income – none statutory + statutory deductions

Step 6: Take Note Of Taxable income balance after deductions

Step 7: Find PAYE = Taxable income * tax bands rate for the year 2024

ZRA PAYE calculator - Calculate PAYE and Napsa online

Remember according to NAPSA, maximum contribution ceiling deductible is now K1,221.80 which is 5 percent of the contribution ceiling. Hence contribution payable by the employers is currently at K2,443.60 constituting 5 percent employer share and 5 percent employee share.

Tax Bands 2024 Zambia

Tax bands for Zambia

PAYE Tax Bands 2024 to Calculate PAYE in Zambia.
Table below shows Tax Bands in Zambia 2024 {latest}

First K5,100.00 @ 0% 0
Next K5,100.01 but not exceeding K7,100.00 20% 200
Next K7,100.01 but not exceeding K9,200.00 30% 630
K9,200.01 and Above 37.5%

Paye calculator

Calculate Income tax, Napsa and Paye with this online ZRA Tax calculator. Its fast within minutes using our app you can find “what percentage is PAYE in Zambia”. No need of knowing how to calculate PAYE in Zambia, this salary calculator Zambia app is easy to use and absolutely free. All you have to do is to enter basic amount, allowances and deductions if any. Then click calculate and our application software will calculate what percentage is PAYE in Zambia based on the 2020 ZRA tax bands. It also calculates Income tax, Napsa and how much is Paye in 2024.

PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn

PAYE It is a method used by employers, organizations and the accounting department for collecting Income Tax from employees on monthly earnings. Under this system, in Zambia an employer is required by the law to immidietely deduct income tax from there employee’s taxable monthly salary or wages. PAYE could also be calculated on a weekly basis, or monthly and its percentage varies depending on the employer's gross earning, hence why its given the name Pay As You Earn which you can calculate with our Zra tax calculator 2024.

Getting your PAYE refund

PAY AS YOU EARN (PAYE) can only be refunded if there is a genuine mistake that was made in the computation of the employees salary by the employer. This result in either less revenue or resulting in the employee being overtaxed by ZRA. Withholding tax calculator Zambia is also known as WHT rate which is 20% and is the final tax that is mostly commissioned for Withholding Tax purposes. This means, any Commission apart from the Commission received by an individual whose income is from office or employment must pay the WHT tax rate for residents which is now 15% and 20% rate for the non- residents as final tax.

Duty tax in Zambia

How much is duty tax in Zambia? Customs duty rates are different from PAYE Tax and NAPSA contribution Tax. Duty tax is a value added tax and ranges between 0 to 40% of the item value. Duty tax in Zambia is only charged on the importation of goods following the applicable domestic rate i.e. In 2021 the current standard rate of duty tax is at 16%, can also be zero or exempt. Duty tax is levied on selected type of goods which have externalities and rare expensive high quality and luxurious in nature.The VAT rate is 16% for all supplies of standard-rated goods and services accordding to Paye calculator zambia 2024.

Minimum wage for domestic workers in Zambia

What is the minimum wage for domestic workers in Zambia 2021? According to the statutory Act which provides for minimum wage of domestic workers in Zambia is the work rate, currently stands at K550 per month approximately (US$53). This refers to any worker whose duty is beyond three kilometre radius from the place of work. Otherwise incuding transport allowance is part of PAYE calculator Zambia because one is entitled to be paid transport allowance of K100.00 (U$10.5) to carter for transport expenses and movement, this will not only apply unless the employer decides to provide transportation before paying Gratuity .

The average monthly wage in Zambia

Salaries in Zambia as of the year 2013 have been in the range of minimum been between 1,429,902 ZMK per month minimum wage for none skilled workers to 45,701,10 ZMK per month been the maximum salary. The employees in median salary cartegory earn up to 10,500,619 ZMK per month, hence according to the Zambian payroll board, half (50%) of the countries total population earn not more than 10,500,619 ZMK per month. But mnajority of qorkers in Zambia, those skilled having professional practices and masters degre's actually earn more than 10,500,619 ZMK as Gratuity, you can learn more after using our Pay As you Earn calculator 2021.