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Commutation of leave days Zambia

Commutation of leave days in Zambia is done with the discretion of the employer. It refers to a process of “selling” excess leave days back to the employer in exchange for cash. Excess are those which constitute leave days left over after one has proceeded to go on leave.


Calculate leave days by multiplying salary X days worked then devide by normal work days per month.

How do you calculate leave days in Zambia?

Basic calculation of leave allowance is found by multiplying salary with the number of days worked on average each week by 4 weeeks in a month then devide by 26 days in a month.
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Practically, the employee's minimum annual leave entitlement is calculated by multiplying first the regular working days. if an employee works five days a week, they are entitled to a minimum of at least 15 days of annual leave each year. How many days is local leave in Zambia? Employees on short term contracts in Zambia must be given at least 12 months as leave days in order to have a total of 52 sick leave days. First the 26 days are calculated at full pay, and the following 26 days are part of a half pay.

Do you get paid for leave days? The following guidelines to get paid for leave days: The employee is entitled to 21 consecutive days as annual leave on full pay according to the Zambian labour laws.A "leave cycle" is a period of not less than 12 months from the first day of employment or commencement.

The Employment Code Act of 2019 in Zambia provides for annual leave conditions to all workers on completion of twelve months of service. The full-time workers are entitled to at least minimum of 2 days as annual leave.