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How much is clearing a vehicle in Zambia? According to ZRA vehicle cost of clearing a car depends on the CIF total cost, insurance and freight expenses. You can calculate Total Vehicle Cost, VAT, Exercise Duty and Customs Duty Tax on our website.

1,500 CC and under
1,501 – 2,000 CC
2,001 – 3,000 CC
3,001 CC and above

Engine Size Below 1500cc
Engine Size Above 1500cc

Calculated Taxes, Duties, and Fees

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ZRA motor VEHICLE duty calculator

Find how much is customs duty in Zambia using ZRA motor vehicle duty calculator.

Calculate online for free how duty is calculated in Zambia and cost of clearing a vehicle in Zambia in minutes

How is duty calculated in Zambia?

ZRA duty calculator

Here's how to calculate duty on imported cars in Zambia

      STEP 1 Enter Total Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF)
      STEP 2 Select Carbon Emission Surtax
      STEP 3 Choose Purpose Of Your Vehicle (I.e Passenger Vehicles)
      STEP 4 Choose Engine Size To Calculate Excise Duty (I.e 1500cc)
      STEP 5 Click Calculate To View Total Vehicle Taxes And Duties

Vehicle Tax Calculator

Motor vehicle tax calculator within minutes helps you with how to compute the Car Import Taxes, Duties, and Fees for Zambia.
Find how much is duty for cars in Zambia and cost for importation of motor vehicles which attracts customs duty at 25%, excise duty (depending on engine size) and value added tax (VAT) at 16%.
Customs duty rates in Zambia range between 0 and 40%. VAT is charged on all imported goods per applicable rate 16%, for standard goods and zero or exempt.

How much does it cost to clear a vehicle in Zambia?

This results of inflation affects the cost of motor vehicles in Zambia to be between 75% and 90%. How it costs to clear a vehicle in Zambia depends on the current rates for VAT, Duty and Cost insurance and Freight charges. The clearing agents help to clear vehicles fast by ensuring they arrange customs clearance and transportation. Customs clearance and inland transportation is provided from Dar es Salaam the closest border to Lusaka the Zambian capital, which costs approximately $1,500 – 1,900 per vehicle and on takes approximately 12 days before it reaches destination.