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This website helps you determine overtime calculation in Zambia. Overtime calculation in zambia is a lump sum payment made to an employee on working extra hours. Terminal Benefits is a form of payment given to a person on termination of employment on medical grounds. If you're interested in finding out how much are your benefits, check our Terminal Benefits Calculator which you can use to calculate your terminal benefits within seconds.

According to the Zambian labor laws, every employer with people working for theme at the end of a long-term contract period, should pay an employee gratuity at a rate of not less than 25% of the basic pay earned (PAYE) during contract period. You can use our Gatuity Calculator to know how much gratuity an employer should pay an employee.

How are Overtime calculated in Zambia? You can use our website to calculate overtime within minutes. Its the best platform for overtime calculation. According to the FLSA, the formula for calculating overtime pay is the nonexempt employee's regular rate of pay x 1.5 x overtime hours worked. Overtime is very important for calculating PAYE Pay As You Earn. This calculation may differ in countries that have requirements, such as double time, which are more favorable to the employee.
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Work done in excess of normal weekly working hours is considered as overtime and is compensated by the premium of at least 150% of the normal hourly wage rate. Law does not clearly specify the limits to overtime. The lesser working hours may be stipulated in an employment contract or collective agreement.
How do you calculate hourly rate in Zambia? In order to calculate hourly rate of pay, a worker's monthly wages must be divided by 208 hours. For some banks when applying for a loan overtime is considered as part of the monthly wages which are divided by 240 hours to calculate hourly rate.

What is the formula for calculating hours worked and examples?. Just multiply the hours worked per day by the number of days worked per week. If an employee works different schedules every day, then you will need to calculate hours worked for each day. You will then need to add up the total for each day to get their hours worked in a given week.
How many percent is overtime pay? How to Calculate Overtime Pay. Overtime is a 50% multiplier that is added to an employee's base wage for hours worked over 40 hours in a work week.

Working hours in Zambia IA normal working day should be eight hours. The employer may, with the employee's consent, exceed the hours of work in a day without additional remuneration, provided the hours do not exceed 48 hours a week. For a watch person or guard, the weekly working hours should not exceed 60 hours a week.
Leave days calculation in Zambia Under the new employment code, the leave formula is calculated by full working day multiplied by the total number of leave days divided by 26.